Obikings Industries Limited  was registered on 12th November, 2004 with RC 602346 and commenced operation in December, 2004. The company imports and assembles electronic equipment to serve the West African markets, particularly the Nigerian market, Obikings Industries holds the franchise for Century and Power deluxe products in Nigeria & West Africa. At Obikings Industries, we believe in creating value for customers by consistently providing electronic appliances of the highest quality..

 Our ability to understand the market requirements and provide such requirements is the reason why dynamic and reputable organizations have depended on us to provide them their various electronic requirements. 

it is to this end that we are always innovating and providing the markets we operate in with new and durable products. 

We are reliability and quality guaranteed. 


To manufacture all types of Electronic equipment in Nigeria and thus become the ICON of Electronic Products in Nigeria and make Nigeria a base for the West African Market.


We have passion for our customers and their wellbeing. They are the reason for our existence. We have respect for our people because we believe in them and they are our most important assets. Our culture is that of excellent service to our customers. We believe in quality, creativity, innovation and state of the art electronic products. To this end, the quality of our product range is registered with Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). We love to keep our promises.


To always provide customer-driven electronic solutions of the highest quality to our customer at competitive prices.